About Me

I have worked more than 30 years in the world of investments in the US, Chile and Brazil, as a stockbroker, equity and credit analyst and as a portfolio manager.
During this time, I have analyzed all types of companies and gone through multiple economic crises. Experience has provided me with cool head and longer-term view without losing sight of capital preservation. All my experience I put it at your disposal.


Since I was a teenager, living in New Jersey (USA), I had an innate interest in investment and stocks. I remember when I asked my father to buy shares of Chrysler when it was on the verge of bankruptcy and the US Govt bailed it out or MCI when the AT&T monopoly was dismantled. After I graduated college (1988) I began working as a stockbroker then moved to Chile to work as an equity research analyst for several years. In 2000 I moved to Brazil, where for 10 years I worked as an equity analyst for Credit Lyonnais, ING, JPMorgan and Itaú. During this time, I’ve come to understand the nuts and bolts of a plethora of businesses, from airlines to e-commerce, fintech and mining, in addition to macro drivers. I had the opportunity to apply all my knowledge as an investment manager since 2010 in Larraín Vial, Explora and Zurich. Now at the head of Maxinvest I put at your disposal my experience, knowledge and vision so that we can invest together.


Investment Manager (Maxinvest)


Buy Side

Analyst and investment manager Chile (Larrain Vial, Explora, EuroAmerica and Zurich) Analysis of stocks and fixed income, management of mutual funds.


Sell Side

Brazil Equity Analyst (Credit Lyonnais, JPMorgan, Itau,) Preparation of a study of companies in Latin America for foreign institutional clients.


Sell Side

Chile Equity Analyst (Munita Cruzat, ING Barings, Celfin/BTG) Preparation of company studies in Chile for institutional clients (AFP and abroad).


Philadelphia USA Account Executive (Thomas James, CoreStates Bank) Advice on investment, shares, funds and annuity.